• Powered by a rugged Kubota 26HP engine, renowned worldwide for their exceptional reliability and durability.
  • Features 2 range hydrostatic transmission as standard. Equipped with twin operating pedals to offer exceptional handling with frequent changes of speed and direction.
  • Hydraulic power steering offers effortless control to reduce operator fatigue.


  • With an overall length similar to a standard garden tractor, the BX2670DV is easy to drive and offers smooth operation even in the tightest spaces. Due to it’s compact size, the BX2670DV is also incredibly gentle on turf.
  • Rugged and sturdy 4-wheel drive (4WD) provides powerful traction for heavy duty front loader work and operating other implements.
  • Choice of turf, bar or industrial tyres.


  • A front 4-position valve lets you quickly and easily attach a front loader and other front-mounted implements. The valve is easy to access but won’t obstruct or impair the tractor’s clean and sleek look.
  • The BX-Series all feature a sturdy, hydraulically controlled Category I 3-point hitch that allows you to attach a wide array of rear implements.
  • Towing hitch as standard.


  • Features folding ROPS frame and seat belt as standard.
  • Halogen headlights provide clear and bright illumination when working and traveling at night.


  • Operator comfort has been enhanced by a new, fully flat deck layout with the brake on the left side, providing more room for the feet. The new design also improves operability.
  • High back seat comes as standard providing soft cushioning and superior thigh support for exceptional comfort during operation. Includes a luxurious reclining feature that can be adjusted to suit your natural posture.
  • High back seat comes as standard providing soft cushioning and superior thigh support for exceptional comfort during operation. Includes a luxurious reclining feature that can be adjusted to suit your natural posture.
  • New control panel design enhances operability by placing all vital indicators on a single, easy to read panel. The new panel features a tachometer on the left and an LCD display for fuel level and coolant temperature on the right. Warning indicators for battery, headlights, turn signal, and low fuel are in the middle. With just a single glance, you get a complete picture of the tractor’s functions.
  • Cruise Control automatically maintains a constant speed, letting you take your foot off the forward pedal. It’s the easy way to mow large areas or travel long distances.
  • Features large angled lever guides, for hassle-free shifting, fast control lever recognition and easy operation.
  • All controls and indicators are neatly placed for quick, easy and user-friendly access.


  • All Kubota attachments are quick to attach and detach for ease of operation.
  • 3-blade mower offers a wide cutting area, allowing you to cut more grass in a single pass. The 54”or 60″ Kubota deck is ideal for the BX2670DV.
  • The BX2670DV shaft drive delivers power smoothly from the mid-PTO to the mid-mount mower. Unlike belt drives, there is no slippage and maintenance is minimal.
  • A simple twist of the dial adjusts the mower height in ¼” increments to your desired cutting level.
  • The rounded boom perfectly complements the tractor design and offers greater visibility.
  • The BX front loader has an H-shaped stand, which makes it easy to attach and detach. The design also provides additional protection for hoses when the stand is folded.



BX2670DV Specifications

TypeLiquid-cooled, 3 cylinder diesel
CoolingLiquid cooled
Number of cycles4 Cycle
Cylinders3 Cylinder
Bore and stroke72 x 73.6 mm
Displacement1001 cc
Cooling systemLiquid Cooled w/ Pressurized Radiator
Cooling system airflowReverse air flow, away from the operator
Exhaust/mufflerUnder-the-hood muffler with side exhaust
HorsepowerEngine gross @ rpm25.5 HP (19.0 kw)
Engine net @ rpm23.5 HP (17.0 kw)
PTO @ rpm19.5 HP (14.5 kw)
Fluid CapacitiesFuel tank capacity25 L
Cooling system capacity2.5 L
Transmission oil capacity11.6 L
Chassis, Axle and BrakesSteering typeHydrostatic Power Steering
Differential lock - Rear axleStandard, foot operated
Final driveShaft Drive
Brake typeWet Disks
Drive Train/TransmissionTransmission typeHydrostatic
Number of ranges2 Range
HST pedalSingle Pedal, Rocker Type
Cruise controlStandard
Maximum Traveling Speeds (With standard tires)Forward0 - 13.5 km/h
Reverse0 - 10.0 km/h
Power Take Off (PTO)Rear PTOStandard
Rear PTO speed540 rpm @ 3068 engine rpm (540 rpm @ 51.1r/s)
Mid-PTOStandard (Operates Independent of Rear)
Mid-PTO speed2500 rpm @ 3125 engine rpm (2500 rpm @ 52.1 r/s)
Hydraulic SystemTypeOpen centre
Total hydraulic flow6.3 gpm (24 l/min.)
Auxiliary hydraulic flow4.2 gpm (16 l/min.)
Loader valveOptional / Standard
Rear remote valvesOptional - Single, Double acting
3-Point hitchStandard, Category I
Position controlQuarter inch position control - lever
Lift capacityAt lift points450 kg
24" behind lift point310 kg
Charging system capacity40.0 Amps
Battery voltage x capacity12 Volts x 535 CCA, RC: 80 min.
Engine temperature, fuel tank, digital tachometer, digital rpm, hour meter
Indicator lightsStandard, dash mounted switch
Instrument panelIlluminated instrument panel
LightsTwo halogen headlights, rear work light optional
Optional lightsAvailable
DimensionsOverall height2215mm
Overall width w/ Turf tyres44.5 in. (1130 mm)
Wheelbase55.1 in. (1400 mm)
Ground clearance8.7 in. (220 mm)
Overall length w/ 3 Pt hitch2425mm
Front tread width 930mm
Rear tread width820mm
Turning radiusWithout brake2300mm
WeightPower unit660kg
TyresTurf (Standard) Front 18 x 8.5 - 10
Turf (Standard) Rear26 x 12 - 12
Industrial (Optional) Front18 x 8.5 - 10
Industrial (Optional) Rear 26 x 12 - 12
Bar (Optional) Front18 x 8.5 - 10
Bar (Optional) Rear26 x 12 - 12
Safety EquipmentROPSStandard, foldable ROPS
Safety switchesPTO Engagement, HST Neutral
Operator's presence control (OPC)Standard
Engine shut-offElectric Key Shut-Off
Seat beltsStandard, Retractable
Spark arresting mufflerOptional
Parking brakesStandard
Grab handles for entry / exitStandard
LightsTwo halogen headlights
BX2670DV Mower Deck Specifications

Deck TypeSide DischargeSide Discharge
Number of blades33
Mounting methodSuspended-LinkageSuspended-Linkage
Cutting width54 in. (1372 mm)60 in. (1524mm)
Cutting height1.0 - 4.0 in. (25 - 102 mm) at 1/4 in. (6.4mm)1.0 - 4.0 in. (25 - 102 mm) at 1/4 in. (6.4mm)
Overall height10.5 in. (268 mm)11.0 in. (281mm)
Overall width 66.5 in. (1780 mm)76.0 in. (1930 mm)
Overall length36.5 in. (928 mm)39.4 in. (1000 mm)
Adjustment of cutting heightDial gaugeDial gauge
Weight189 lbs. (86 kg)250 lbs. (115 kg)
Belt typeMulti-V-BeltMulti-V-Belt
Blade spindle speed2969 rpm (49.5 r/s) 2647 rpm (44.1 r/s)2969 rpm (49.5 r/s) 2647 rpm (44.1 r/s)
Blade tip speed14527 fpm (73.8 m/s)14271 fpm (72.5 m/s)
Blade length 18.7 in. (475 mm)20.6 in. (523 mm)
Number of antiscalp rollers55
Mower deck thickness10 gauge10 gauge